Post Construction Clean-Up Services Edmonton

At MIDA Contracting, we know that post-construction clean-up can go a long way in helping to build good rapport in the communities we work in. We provide comprehensive construction clean-up services in new construction neighbourhoods in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Projects can span from single lots to quarter sections. Construction projects can often get off track when dealing with unexpected garbage and materials. Regardless of the material or the project scope, we are here to help you get back on track and start your project on the right foot.

What do construction clean-up and maintenance services include?

From small garbage to large debris, you can trust MIDA Contracting to be at your job site and take care of your site to give you more time to focus on what needs to be done. Construction cleanup and maintenance can occur at the start of a construction project once land has been purchased or at the end of the building before turning over to new ownership. We work to remove excess debris and garbage from the property in preparation for landscaping, but that isn’t all that we offer.

We are fearless in taking on new projects that may seem unconventional. Our construction site maintenance can also help you to ensure that you are staying up to code on your property. Have you ever been serviced a weed notice from the City of Edmonton or County, or had a complaint from an existing resident? We take care of those weed notices for you and make sure they are completed before the notice deadline.

Showhome Services

Are you looking for help with getting your showhome event ready to make a smashing first impression? Our post-construction clean-up services are perfect for grand opening events for new showhomes and neighbourhood developments. We want to help you succeed, which starts with showcasing the quality of the community to new and existing residents and developing your reputation as a developer. As part of our showhome maintenance, we also offer planter installations and maintenance as part of our service offerings during the summer months.

Learn more about how our construction clean-up and maintenance services helped support clients like Anthem Properties, Qualico Communities, and Strata Developments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Responsibility for cleanup after construction typically varies depending on the terms outlined in your contract, especially for renovation projects. In Alberta, it’s common for the construction company or contractor to assume full responsibility for post-construction cleanup. This entails removing debris and waste materials and ensuring the site is safe and tidy. At MIDA Contracting, our post-construction clean-up can also be packaged with our showhome and landscaping packages.

The property’s square footage determines the post-construction clean-up cost, the types of tasks outlined in the contract, and the number of homes or properties included. Our construction clean-up packages are fully customizable depending on your showhome parade schedule and additional services such as planter installations. Request a quote today for your next construction site clean-up project!

In the context of showhome parades, construction cleanup encompasses several key tasks to ensure the presentation of each home is impeccable. These tasks include the removal of small debris, pressure washing walkways and exteriors, landscaping, planter installations, final sweeps and vacuuming, and signage installations.

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