Parking Lot and Commercial Street Sweeping Edmonton

Street sweeping can be the first line of defence to minimizing injuries or damage on the road. After the long winter months, street sweeping in the spring works to clear the road of sand, dirt and rock chips left on the street after the winter months. At MIDA Contracting, we offer street-sweeping services for residential areas and commercial parking lots.

Our team is ready for anything with the right equipment to get the job done right the first time to minimize stress. We use bobcat pickup brooms, angle brooms, and full-size city street sweepers to clean up large sections efficiently and to the best of our ability.

Why should I consider street sweeping services?

Did you know that street sweeping can help improve the air quality in your area? Clearing unwanted debris and pollutants can help to minimize smog in the city and improve the overall air quality. Litter, plastics, and debris can create challenges for maintaining safe streets, increasing the risk of additional tire damage. We offer street sweeping services to:

Protect our waters:

Unwanted materials can make their way into storm drains and into our waterways, which can create additional risks of pollution in the ecosystem.

Maintain clean neighbourhoods:

Make a great first impression in your area by keeping the streets clean from litter and debris.

Protect pedestrians and cyclists:

Debris can create unexpected obstacles for runners, pedestrians and cyclists if left unchecked. Annual and seasonal street sweeping can help to prevent injuries.

Are you interested in learning more about our street sweeping services? Contact us for a free quote and hear about our seasonal options in your area.


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