Grand Openings and Great Impressions: Preparing a Showhome


Qualico Communities




June 12-16, 2023


17 crew members on 4 teams


Real Estate Development

Grand Openings and Great Impressions:
Preparing a Showhome

Warm weather and good forecasts can only mean one thing in Alberta – showhome season is back! We work closely with developers and builders to provide services from the first stake in the ground to the end product and sale. One of our top recommended services is our Showhome and Marketing Event Services. Our clients look for a full range of services that are essential in making a great first impression for a showhome, including garbage removal, weeding, and annual maintenance in the community with the option to customize.

The Challenge

Developers are working with tight time constraints and budget limitations, making it challenging to address smaller projects and regular maintenance in up-and-coming neighbourhoods with limited residents. Unlike the one-and-done approach of MIDA Contracting, no other contracting crews in the surrounding area can offer the full range of services that our clients need, and the option to customize based on their budget. Qualico Communities required a full community clean-up service and signage for the opening to be completed a week before the grand opening of the Uplands at Riverview community with seven days to complete the project.

The Solution

Through planning for each maintenance stage, 17 crew members on four teams were onsite a week before the event to tackle garbage removal, weeding services, street sweeping, and signage installation. No Parking signage was a necessity to provide the client with peace of mind that locations are secured in advance of the showhome. Larger community projects take 3-5 days to ensure that each service has been completed to the best of our ability and that we have addressed any additional concerns that our crews have found during service. Qualico Communities was kept up-to-date through our project tracking system as our crews uploaded before and after photos from the onsite iPads and provided detailed feedback on the project.

The Results

Working around weather conditions, our crews finished the project in four days and were prepared to be onsite during the showhome grand opening in case of an emergency. The showhome grand opening saw over 300 visitors tour the properties. The maintenance provided in the gardens and public spaces assisted with risk mitigation for visitors, limiting the risk of injuries or hazards in an ongoing construction project. We helped to support Qualico Communities in putting their best foot forward with current residents and potential homeowners in Uplands at Riverview.

At MIDA Contracting, we provide a holistic and regular maintenance program for our clients that seeks to reduce the client’s overall risks that result in increased costs, failed inspections, or bad rapport in the surrounding area. Thanks to MIDA Contracting, the grand opening led to new bids in the neighbourhood and allowed for each of their services to be fully showcased to new home builders and developers, leading to an increase in client sales and service requests from new developers.

Consider MIDA Contracting for your next showhome

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