Erosion and Sediment Control

As Albertans, we are no strangers to the power of the elements. Strong winds, water and wildlife are all factors that can influence soil erosion in addition to construction. Erosion control focuses on the source of soil erosion, while sediment control deals with the control and overall sediment retention.

At MIDA Contracting, we partner with developers and general contractors to make their erosion and sediment control plans a reality. Following Alberta’s soil and sediment control guidelines, we work to install ESC products in addition to covering all ESC maintenance, repairs, and weekly monitoring reports. Our certified Erosion and Sediment Control Inspectors on our team help direct our process to ensure all materials are installed correctly and up to code.

What are the benefits of erosion and sediment control?

Soil disturbances can occur at any point from natural weather patterns or road construction, and it is our responsibility to do our part and plan ahead. Left unchecked, soil erosion can decrease soil fertility, ultimately harming crop yields in the surrounding area. Some of the benefits of erosion and sediment control services include:

Maintaining soil integrity:

Heavy rainfall and shifting landscapes can result in a loss of nutrients due to runoff. Ensuring we use ECS materials allows us to care for the soil and keep the landscape structure.

Protecting habitats and biodiversity:

We want to be good stewards in the communities we work in, and taking extra precautions to protect the waterways and green areas around the site is one way we can ensure their protection.

Protecting water bodies:

After instances of erosion, sediment that has settled in the area can prevent the free flow of water in streams and rivers. Erosion and sediment control help to control pollutants in an area and maintain aquatic ecosystems.

Safeguarding against the elements:

Fallen trees from root movements can result in erosion, but planning ahead to protect the landscape can help us better protect against strong winds and heavy rainfall.

Our qualified team is here to help as you plan and execute your erosion and sediment control. Contact us today to request a service quote and learn more about our services..

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