Boosting Curb Appeal: Showhome Planter Installation


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Summer 2023

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Boosting Curb Appeal: Showhome Planter Installation

How can you make a showhome stand out? The quality of build and the neighbourhood’s location are the two most important factors that potential buyers consider, but attention to the more minor details will set a community apart. At MIDA Contracting, we believe in going the extra mile to help our clients stand out and showcase their care for maintaining new communities. Planters can help draw attention to a showhome and prevent visitors from parking in the show home’s driveway to set it further apart.

The Challenge

We are proud to look after all showhome maintenance for our clients. Our team identified a need among each community our clients look after to enhance the neighbourhoods and visually distinguish which homes are showhomes. In speaking with our clients, we found a trend that planters are often removed from showhomes because of a lack of resources and time from previous contractors to maintain the planters throughout the summer months. As a result, the planters become overgrown or die off due to lack of watering and maintenance. Poorly maintained planters can prevent visitors from entering the showhome due to its appearance or risk damaging the driveway if there are no deterrents against parking. 

Our client, Mattamy Homes, challenged us to help elevate and enhance the Hearthstone community showhomes in Sherwood Park by creating an effective planter design and showhome maintenance program

The Solution

At MIDA Contracting, our clients trust us to prioritize projects with quality solutions and showhome maintenance. In recognizing their hesitation due to poor quality maintenance they have experienced with other contractors, we added show home planters to our maintenance packages for communities where we are established. For Mattamy’s Hearthstone community in Sherwood Park, we created and maintained six showhome planters, four playground planters, and one planter at the sales center. 

Our crews provided the planters and plant material based on the best recommendations for sun and shade and their location. As part of Mattamy Home’s maintenance scope for Summer 2023, we created a delivery, setup and maintenance schedule for our crews to water, weed and maintain each planter from May to September 2023.

The Results

Our goal was to ensure that the maintenance and upkeep of the show home planters in the Hearthstone community in Sherwood Park was a top priority so that the plant material was never compromised. Thanks to our crew’s meticulous attention to detail and maintenance schedule, Mattamy Homes has chosen to bring the showhome planters back in 2024 after positive feedback was received from current residents and potential buyers. By prioritizing our client’s needs and the finer details, we helped to restore their trust in furthering their showhome maintenance services and recognizing that their needs are our top priority.

Consider MIDA Contracting for Show Home Planter Installations

Are you looking for complete contracting services for your community? A planter installation and maintenance can bring a new charm to your neighbourhood. Our crews can help install planters and vegetation at a variety of locations, including showhomes, playgrounds, storm ponds, viewing decks, and more. Contact us today to request a service quote and create a customized service package uniquely tailored to your community.

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