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Do I Need Post-Construction Clean-Up for My Site?

Is the spring weather revealing more on your site than you want? Spring in Alberta is the time of year for deep cleaning, planning, and show homes. But if your community or worksite isn’t meeting the bar, it can sour the experience for potential buyers. What could post-construction clean-up with MIDA Contracting do for your community?

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Prairie grasses at sunset

Best Plants and Grasses for Erosion and Sediment Control in Edmonton

Finding the right seed mix or plant recommendation for your erosion and sediment control plan shouldn’t be impossible. At MIDA Contracting, we believe in going the extra mile to deliver top-notch results and help provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your project. In this blog, we will dive into the causes of soil erosion and the use of native plants and grasses for ECS in the Edmonton area. 

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What is Erosion and Sediment Control?

In the dynamic realm of construction, there is a delicate balance between progress and environmental responsibility. Erosion and sediment control (ECS) emerge as pivotal players in this landscape, working in tandem to protect our ecosystems during construction endeavours. In this blog, we will dive into erosion and sediment control, standard ECS techniques used at construction sites, and tips for planning your erosion and sediment control services. 

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What are the Benefits of Routine Maintenance?

When timelines are tight and tasks on the job site seem to be endless, there is little to no time leftover for routine maintenance tasks. Even though routine maintenance reduces accidents on the job site, it is time-consuming and can feel like more of a burden than an assist. Caring for your job site through routine maintenance can save you money by anticipating problems early and helping to increase positive brand awareness in the communities where you are at work.

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How Do I Delegate Tasks to a Contractor?

Does it feel like there are enough hours in the day to complete everything? In project management, time management and task prioritization go hand in hand. The better you allocate tasks and assign responsibilities, the easier it is to move the project forward. That said, the chances of essential tasks getting shoved aside are high.

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