How Do I Delegate Tasks to a Contractor?

Does it feel like there are enough hours in the day to complete everything? In project management, time management and task prioritization go hand in hand. The better you allocate tasks and assign responsibilities, the easier it is to move the project forward. That said, the chances of essential tasks getting shoved aside are high. Why? We each fall into the pitfall of thinking there will be time to do it later or thinking that a simple task insults our previous work experience.

The result is always the same: if no one will pick up the task, then who will do the work? That’s where task delegation comes in. In this blog, we will consider some of the benefits of delegating tasks on the go, what the process looks like, and provide you with a checklist for later.

What are the benefits of maintenance task delegation?

Let’s be honest: Not everyone is interested in a boring maintenance job, and not everyone has time to deal with things that get in the way of a project, but everyone knows those things need to get done. That’s where we come in. At MIDA Contracting, we take an interest in maintenance tasks that usually get shoved down the priority list but are essential in construction and development. Working with a third-party maintenance contractor can 

  • More time spent on high-priority tasks
  • Access to new specializations
  • Maximize your resources
  • Align task assignments with professional strengths
  • Create opportunities for growth as a team

How do I delegate maintenance tasks effectively?

Have an odd request that doesn’t fit the services offered by other contractors? We are problem-solvers to the core, and we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to achieve the desired result without going over budget. So how does it work? During the height of construction season, we build out our teams to handle anything you throw at us, even last-minute jobs. Delegating tasks can include your regular maintenance, but we take it a step further. When urgent concerns pop up and you don’t have the extra time or resources to handle them on your own, our crews step in. Because of our presence on your site, task delegating is made easier by forwarding the issue to our team. We have four easy steps to help you effectively delegate tasks on the go:

  • Identify the task: Determine if it is a task that can be delegated or must be completed by you due to its nature or confidentiality
  • Choose the contractor: Knowing the skillset required for the task and the timeframe for it to be completed can influence who you choose to work with, in addition to an existing partnership with a contractor you trust.
  • Communicate the details: Clearly explain what the task is, all of the parameters for the task, how many people would be required, and the due date.
  • Check-ins and evaluation: For longer tasks, scheduling a check-in or stopping by the job site can give you peace of mind that the task is being addressed. With MIDA Contracting, our client portal is designed with you in mind with progress reports and accompanying photos.

When you choose to work with MIDA Contacting, we are here to deliver when our clients need a job done right away, and done right. Our quick response time and passion for problem-solving can help you to stay on track and know that we will deliver quality work every time.

MIDA’s Delegation Checklist

Think it is too odd of a job for a contractor to handle? Think again! As a snapshot of the types of projects and tasks that we can assist with, check out our delegation checklist!

  • Seasonal
    • Salting
    • Gravel removal
    • Garbage removal
    • Weeding
  • Road maintenance
    • Inspections during snow removal
    • Inspections during street sweeping
  • Recreation and sports fields
    • Retaining walls
    • Turf/yard maintenance
  • Snow fence installation
  • Fence repairs
  • Culvert maintenance
  • Community lawn care
    • Watering schedule for trees, shrubs
    • Lawn fertilization
    • Lawn aeration
  • Graffiti removal
  • Minor property repairs: fences, railings
  • Showhome
    • Eavestrough Christmas light installation
    • Driveway barricades
    • Front and back yard maintenance
    • Empty lot maintenance
      • Mowing, garbage removal, green space maintenance
    • Final grade
  • Erosion control measures
    • Site monitoring
    • Silt fencing
    • Water diversion
    • Erosion control blankets
  • Irrigation and sprinkler installations

See something that’s missing from our checklist? Give us a call! Reach out to us with your specific task and we will help find a tailored solution for your project.

How can we help today?

When it comes to delivering for your customers and keeping up with project timelines, we can help with anything and everything you need for construction maintenance services. You can count on us to be ready to take care of your delegation list to keep your project on time and within budget. The tasks that fall by the wayside are our bread and butter because we believe that there is no such thing as a small task. How can we help you with a project today? Contact us today to discuss your project maintenance needs and learn more about our routine maintenance services.

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